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Michael Phoenix

Joined 2 years ago from Allentown, pa

I am a writer, creative by nature. My hubs will mainly focus on reviews.

The reviews will include: Books, music, arts, charity events, restaurants / fast food, local events (Lehigh Valley, Pa), Other topics, such as social issues, will be included.The hubs I write will be constantly evolving. I am always learning from others and what I have written. My first book and best:

A Dream in the Night:



"A Dream in the Night" was entirely designed by myself cover to cover. Self-published in e-book format. Current projects include: Vampire novel, tarot deck, my first music video, album in the works (even though I really don't have the voice for it).

A few of my hobbies: writing, photography, art, occasional video game, walking. My best, non-review, ideas come from life and personal experience.

Comments and critiques are always welcome on anything I post. I enjoy the positive and learn from the negative. If you don't like something or disagree, let me know. It could turn into a great discussion! :)

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    Witchcraft and science

    23 months ago

    The belief in witchcraft / religion, and science are rarely, seen in the same book, extremely rare: same page. I believe the two sides are one. Witchcraft / religion and science share base principles. The details and...

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